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The best self employment ideas are tasks you do once and get paid over and over. Won’t you love to have something like that? Writers, musicians, actors belong to this group of professionals. But an average, ordinary person who doesn’t have the talent of a musician or novelist what opportunities are there?

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Info Publishing.

If you're looking for something to do in your spare time and there's something you are passionate about, you can build an information website. An information marketing business is really easy to put on auto-pilot.

Self employment ideas are easy to generate from what you already have and know. Figure out what you want to do with with the assets you already have, then get additional skills you need to do it well.

They may be found right in your own backyard. Say you are a tour guide who knows all the interesting and favorite tourist spots in your area like the back of your hand.

Create a web site on what to do and see, where to stay and eat, and much more. You do have advantage over Lonely Planet and official tourist bureau because you have local knowledge and more up to date information.

It can generate an income again and again from local ads, affiliate programs, and Google Adsense.

  • Writing for the net.
  • Can you write? Do you enjoy writing? There is a large demand for quality content and there aren't enough copywriters to meet the demand. If you're prepared to train yourself into a competent copywriter, master the art of gentle persuasion and write sales letters you can easily turn these self employment ideas into reality.

    Internet marketers continually need fresh content for their blogs or web sites and are willing to buy content from freelance content providers. Companies need sales letters to promote their products.

    Need to improve your writing ?Here's an excellent Free ebook 'Make Your words Sell'.

    Make Your Words Sell

    Find more about freelance copywriting business. It has nothing to do with the legal term 'copyright'

    A great way to gain experience and build reputation is to offer free articles to internet marketers. Write some articles on popular niches and offer them for free to a few marketers to give them a taste of what you have to offer.

    Have a look at article directories to get some ideas of acceptable copywriting standard.

  • Private Label Rights ( PLR)
  • Another way to make money writing for the net is to provide content for PLR companies. Private Label Rights ( PLR) companies sell articles to budget conscious online marketers. This is how it works.

    Say, you write 100 articles on a few popular niches .400-800 words per article. Split the articles into 10 bundles of 10 articles.

    If you sell a bundle for $20 you’ll get $200 for the 10 bundles.

    But with PLR, you can sell the bundles over and over again as long as there are buyers.

    And marketers who buy them simply modify them somewhat before they are posted on their web sites or blogs to give some uniqueness to their content.

    So if you can produce articles that sell you can create your own PLR business. You can find potential buyers at forums frequented by internet marketers . Sign up at the forums and participate in the conversations to establish relationships. Then offer them your samples. If you provide quality content , they will come back ready to buy. Then when you've built a clientele it's a good idea to ask for testimonials.

  • Photography online.
  • Are you a keen photographer? Do your pictures get others talking? You can get paid to submit photos to photo sites like

    Each time someone buys one of your images, you’ll get a cut. You may not make a fortune but hey, it‘s royalty payment, you’ll get paid over and over again.

    If you’re keen to monetize your digital camera and learn how to sell photos online, click here.

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